Log-Gevity™ Premium Log Home Care System
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Log-Gevity™ Log Stain & Stabilizer

The Log-Gevity™ Log Stain & Stabilizer is designed as the first step in a two-step process for use on horizontal and vertical wood surfaces.

Log-Gevity™ Log Stain & Stabilizer is designed to protect logs from ultraviolet radiation, water intrusion, and ultimate log/wood degradation by integrating metallic UV inhibitors, zinc borates, with water repellants within its formula. Scientific studies have established that applying a UV log/wood stabilizer will ultimately protect future finishes from cracking, chipping, peeling and fading. Log-Gevity™ Log Stain & Stabilizer extends color fastness while addressing certain harsh elevation and climate conditions. This is achieved by isolating certain solvent-borne wood stabilizing ingredients. These ingredients enable the Log-Gevity™ Log Stain & Stabilizer to penetrate the wood to deeper levels, enabling the colorant to migrate further within the wood, which ultimately extends the life of the finish. Log-Gevity™ Log Stain & Stabilizer stabilizes the wood, protecting the second semi-transparent coat by bonding with the initial pre-finished/stabilized wood.

  Product Features
  • Metallic UV inhibitors
  • Zinc Borrates
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Water Repellants
  • Trans-oxide pigments
  • Deep penetrating, solvent-borne carriers
  Product Benefits
  • Minimizes UV degradation
  • Minimizes water intrusion
  • Extends color fastness
  • Protects future finishes from failing, cracking, chipping, peeling and premature fading
  • Compatible with Log-Gevity™ Log Chinking Glide
  • Can be used on decks, sidewalls, roofs, and dimensional lumber
  • Non-film forming

Click here for product specification sheet.

Available in 1gallon and 5 gallon quantities in the colors shown below:
Cocoa Dark Taupe
Dove Grey Forest Green Historic Green Pickle White Redwood
Stone Hedge Taupe Terra Cotta Weathered Creosote Weathered Grey

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