ABR® Products, Inc. is proud to present Log-Gevity™, a complete preservation and restoration system created to enhance, maintain, and protect your log home investment.Log-Gevity™ Premium Log Home Care System
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Log-Gevity™ Log Home Care System

This Log-Gevity™ system developed specifically for log maintenance and protection has been comprehensively researched and designed from a scientific perspective by research chemists in the field of forest products technology. The system assists in the process of maintaining and protecting the appearance and life of your log home. From the most advanced stains and breathable sealers, to log cleaners, strippers, maintenance washes, end grain sealers and chinking, Log-Gevity™ is your one-stop shop for log home care.

The most important decision after constructing your log home pertains to its protection. Do your research and the choice is clear! Follow our general guidelines below and you will be on your way to a low maintenance, high performance quality exterior and interior finish you can be proud of for a lifetime.

  1. Clean logs with Log-Gevity™ New Log Prep or other Log- Gevity™ product, such as: Log Maintenance Wash, Bio-Strip or Citrus Log Stripper.
  2. Apply Log-Gevity™ Log Stain & Stabilizer. Select your color tone. We recommend applying your stain color during this step. Log-Gevity™ Stain & Stabilizer is available in many colors, including a clear finish. (See color page for the complete color selection)
  3. Apply Log-Gevity™ End Grain Sealer to the exposed log ends. (Sand ends before applying)

    Once the Log-Gevity™ Stain & Stabilizer and Log-Gevity™ End Grain Sealer is applied, your logs have sufficient protection for 12 months or longer before a finish coat or chinking need to be applied. It may be necessary to apply an additional coat of Log-Gevity™ Stain & Stabilizer depending on the length of time between the stabilizing and finish coat applications. ( It is highly recommended to clean the substrate before applying an additional coat - see Step 1 above.)

  4. Apply Log-Gevity™ Chinking anytime after the Log-Gevity™ Stain & Stabilizer or Log-Gevity™ Finish Coat has been applied and cured. For joints greater than a half-inch, a backing rod or bond breaker is recommended. Use Log-Gevity Log Chinking Glide to ease the tooling process.
  5. The last coat to apply to the exterior logs is Log-Gevity™ Finish Coat. It also has penetrating properties and will provide a rich warm glow.
  6. Interior Log Surfaces: Using the Log-Gevity™ Interior Grade Finish Coat, follow steps 1-5 above.
  7. Above procedures should be performed on decks, fencing, sidewalls, roofs, and dimensional lumber.
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